Roku Launches Dedicated ‘This Old House’ Streaming Channel

“That Old House”

Erik Gruenwedel

Roku continues to expand its licensing rights to the “This Old House” and “Ask This Old House” home improvement and craft series franchises.

The co-founder of the SVOD market announced on February 8 the launch of the “This Old House Makers Channel”, which features craftsmen showing their skills in woodworking, metalworking, design and construction, among others. skills. Since 1979, the “This Old House” brand has been trying to revive DIY activities and new professions for viewers.

“‘This Old House’ has provided trusted expertise to generations of owners, and we are delighted to continue our tradition of excellence by showcasing the most talented makers in the industry today,” Dan Surat, vice president of “This Old House,” Roku said in a statement. “These manufacturers deserve their own channel on [streaming] and we’re excited to share their work with a new streaming audience.

Creators featured at launch include:

  • Tyler Bell – Fearless inventor, maker and epic problem solver Tyler Bell challenges himself to do just about anything. His ultimate goal: to inspire the maker in all of us.
  • Anne Briggs – A self-taught farmer, builder and educator committed to teaching and preserving endangered life skills, Anne of All Trades’ Anne Briggs helps people build simple, deep-rooted lives they love.
  • Bob Clagett – When designer and builder Bob Clagett starts creating stuff, you never know what to expect – the former software developer takes on complex projects ranging from robots to movie props to video game consoles.
  • Jimmy Di Resta – When designers seek inspiration, they find it with a master craftsman Jimmy Di Resta. An artist who seeks to share and inspire, and who says: “I do stuff. That’s what I do.
  • Jason Hibs – Craftsman and builder Jason Hibs of Bourbon Moth Wooworking Co, builds custom furniture and fixtures with a “stop thinking and start doing” attitude.
  • Paul Jackman – Full-time content creator and creator, Paul Jackman works with a mix of materials, usually focusing on high-end projects reclaimed and recycled through woodworking.
  • Laura Kampf – Creator and designer Laura Kampf makes videos about making things. Her creative inspiration takes flight in her studio where she puts her tools to work, often building with a mix of recycled materials.
  • Make 48 — Make48 is an exciting look at the entire invention process, from idea to store shelf. Teams compete to develop a new product idea, plan it, prototype it, and pitch it, all in just 48 hours.
  • Jean Malecki – Former NFL lineman turned professional carpenter, Jean Malecki shares his deep passion for building with hilarious commentary to match and inspires others to tackle great projects.
  • Jamison Rantz – Engineer and craftsman Jamison Rantz uses 3D (DMTRF) modeling expertise to create original designs for everyday life, so even beginner designers feel empowered to create.
  • Brad Rodriguez – Founder of the popular brand Fix This Build That, cabinetmaker Brad Rodriguez inspires others to pick up their tools and build something awesome.
  • Chris Salomone – Provide clear and thorough details from start to finish, custom furniture designer and cabinetmaker Chris Salomone takes as much pleasure in the design phase as in the art of building.
  • Ben Uyeda – Ben moved away from the award-winning architecture firm he co-founded to develop media companies that bring affordable designs to the masses. His ideas have touched over 50 million people and free designs are being built on six different continents.
  • april wilkerson – Creator of Wilker Do’s, master cabinetmaker and welder april wilkerson builds pretty much everything from scratch for his house. Working from her carpentry shop in the Texas Hill Country, there’s not much April can’t do.

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This Old House Makers Channel (channel 458 on The Roku Channel) joins This Old House Classic (channel 457) and This Old House (channel 456), which first launched on The Roku Channel in 2019. The series is also broadcast on PBS.

Last July, “This Old House” won its 19and Emmy for “Outstanding Instructional and How-To Program” at 48and Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

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