Jimmy Sheirgill on the unprecedented growth of streaming platforms during a pandemic



Jimmy Sheirgill (Photo credit: read – / AFP via Getty Images)

By: MohnishSingh

Since Indian cinemas closed their doors to moviegoers following the coronavirus pandemic, people have been consuming content on streaming media platforms. Making hay while the sun is shining, the streamers have added a series of titles to enrich their catalog of content and, in turn, increase their subscriber base.

It is true that several dozen films have been released on various digital media platforms over the past year and a half and some of them have even performed very well, but actor Jimmy Sheirgill says nothing can compete with it. experience of watching a movie on a big screen. It does not, however, rule out the immense contribution of streaming platforms to providing entertainment to viewers in the midst of the pandemic.

Sheirgill, who awaits the live digital premiere of his next film Bomb Necklace, believes that digital media have blessed both the film industry and the public in these difficult times. “We are human beings and we adapt easily to any type of situation. Due to the pandemic while theaters are closed, we could still watch movies sitting at home. Because of the OTT, we have so many options for our entertainment. We should be happy that these platforms allowed us to be entertained while we were sitting at home, â€the actor said.

The actor, who has appeared in streaming shows such as Rangbaaz Phirse and Your Honor, says theaters will continue to exist. “When the theaters open, we’ll go back to watching movies in theaters. Probably, let’s value the theatrical experience more, as if it was the place where we came to enjoy and entertain ourselves, â€he adds.

Bomb Necklace, also starring Asha Negi and Rajshri Deshpande, revolves around policeman Manoj Hesi (Sheirgill) whose life is turned upside down when he is forced to follow orders from a suicide bomber who threatens to blow up a school. The film was directed by Dnyanesh Zoting.

Sheirgill says he loves the thriller genre and it was fun working on the movie. “I love thrillers and working on them is not easy, you always have to be alert. It’s an interesting story against time, â€he concludes.

Produced by Yoodlee Films and 3 Earth Entertainment, Bomb Necklace premieres on Disney + Hotstar on July 9, 2021.


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