LIVE BROADCAST – The ABC News Debate: Murphy vs. Ciattarelli



The first debate between incumbent Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy and Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli is scheduled for 7 p.m. tonight on ABC News.

You can watch the live stream of the clash between the party’s two main candidates here.

The stream comes to you live from the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark and will be broadcast live on Channel 7, WABC-TV.

“Murphy is trying to become the first Democrat in 44 years to be re-elected and to reverse a trend dating back to 1985 that saw the president’s party lose the post of governor of New Jersey,” according to ABC News.

But the contest didn’t exactly capture the imaginations of an apathetic public, mainly due to Democrats’ massive voter registration advantages, especially in the back-to-back double whammy of Chris Christie and Donald J Trump.

Gov. Phil Murphy maintains a double-digit lead over challenger Jack Ciattarelli, although it was slightly less than the incumbent’s advantage last month. Monmouth University survey. The Democrat continues to have a big advantage when it comes to handling the pandemic, while the Republican has a small advantage on taxes, according to Patrick Murray, who conducted the poll.

Murphy campaign ads depicting the GOP candidate as being too close to former President Donald Trump don’t seem to have had much of an impact on the race, with half of the electorate still having no opinion on Ciattarelli.

For his part, the Republican has regularly criticized Murphy over property taxes, particularly opposing the Democrat saying that while property taxes are a voter problem, New Jersey is probably not that person’s state. .

“Who says that?” Ciattarelli wants to know in his announcements.

The governor’s Democratic allies are confident that Murphy’s conduct and policies during the COVID-19 pandemic will make people love him on November 2 and before. The Ciattarelli counterattack focused on the governor’s mistakes, including scandals at the Edna Mahan Women’s Correctional Institute and New Jersey nursing homes.

Murphy described Ciattarelli as too embarrassed by the Trump-loving, mask-hating Republican base to be a credible leader of a blue state like New Jersey, and the negativity of the incumbent’s message fueled Ciattarelli’s argument that the governor seems less confident than public polls claim.

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