Autel SkyCommand Center for remote drone control, live video surveillance



To simplify drone operations for its corporate clients, Autel has launched a new flight control platform. Called SkyCommand Center, the platform allows remote operators to plan missions and manage the tasks of their drones through a computer or mobile device. They can also monitor live video in real time and access recorded flight data at their convenience.

Autel SkyCommand Center features

  • Mission planning: Plan routes and assign missions
  • Real-time transmission: View video stream and flight data remotely in real time
  • Remote control: Control the drone, camera angle, zoom and other settings remotely
  • Data storage: Record and manage flight mission parameters, flight logs and other data.
  • Role management: Create teams and assign roles such as administrator or pilot
  • Authority management: Distribute operation permissions based on assigned roles
  • Aircraft management: Check usage time and maintenance progress for each aircraft and battery to ensure replacements are made in a timely manner
  • Firmware management: Upgrade and manage firmware in one place

Multi-channel live streaming

Autel says the SkyCommand Center can support up to 32 live broadcasts at the same time. The drone maker further claims that supported drones only take 200 milliseconds to transmit a live stream at 1080p, which is a significant improvement over some of the competing products that might have 8-10 second delays. .

Drones supported by SkyCommand Center

The Autel SkyCommand Center supports multi-rotor and fixed-wing models, including the EVO II, EVO II RTK, EVO II Enterprise, and Dragonfish series. Of these, the multi-rotor models can be used with the new Autel EVO Nest to automatically perform periodic tasks.

The Autel SkyCommand Center can be deployed in two ways: through a secure cloud that stores flight logs on a stable AWS server, or through a private cloud that would store data on the user’s local server.

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