Who is Pat King? Freedom Convoy Leader Arrested, Live Video Charges Explained

Well there’s no doubt that we’re looking for what the Freedom Convoy update is because people across the country are looking for the live combat update and this time big news comes from the storyline that the leader Pat King was recently arrested while doing a social media post and even during the live he said, “I’m arrested. We’ll talk to you guys soon. Here’s the full update on his arrest and something more you should know.

Pat King, who is well known as one of the most vocal members of the “Freedom Convoy” movement, took to his social media on Friday to live-stream his arrest. During the live stream, he said “I’m being arrested by this officer right now,” he told viewers on his Facebook live stream. “I am arrested. We’ll talk to you guys soon. According to the sources, it was around 12:30 p.m. when a group of cops appeared tense in the face of protesters and all other supporters next to the intersection of Rideau and Sussex and police in vehicles and on horseback were moving elsewhere .

Why was Pat King arrested?

King was approached in his vehicle by a police officer who said, “You are under arrest, sir. In the video, you can observe how the police came to him and said that he will now be taken to jail, nevertheless, the ruler asks what they capture him. Whenever he got information about the explanation for his capture, he was allegedly informed that he sought to be captured supposedly to help him submit the offense of wickedness, to guide to obstruct the police and to order to submit the offense of defying a request of the court.
During the arrest, the King said he wanted to call his lawyer and could do that as well, to which the officers replied “Of course you do”. As the whole scene unfolded, the officer said he just wanted to make sure everything was safe. Whereupon King replied, “You’re safe, man, you always have been.” Well, more updates are yet to be revealed, so stay tuned with us.

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