School Spotlight: Online School 279 Gives Students a Different Option


4:59 p.m. | Monday, December 20, 2021

For students of 279 online in Osseo School District, school is just a click away.

And for some, it becomes a ray of hope in their day.

“We have seen many students find their voice in an online environment,†says principal Kristen Hague.

Jocelyn Fang has regained confidence in online school while reconnecting with her roots.

“I kind of lost my tongue growing up. When I tell you about five years ago today, I didn’t know how to speak Hmong at all, â€Fang said.

But now knowing the Hmong has become a catalyst for more positive change.

“Everything started to improve, like my relationships with people, my grades, my confidence in others,†Fang said.

She now teaches younger students.

Parents are also seeing the benefits of online school.

“The teachers Brandon and his classmates had are very good. When you have that and the level of knowledge and comfort that you can attend school in an environment where you know you are safe because you are home and start preparing for life after high school where you are. are more in charge of your destiny, I think it is invaluable to experience school online, â€says Janel York.

Brandon Brown attributes the volunteer service as a bonus. He helps the younger ones with their homework.

“It really makes me feel better about myself because I know I’m helping people and that’s pretty important to me. It’s not to be selfish, but it looks good for college. also because I was able to manage my schoolwork and tutor other people, â€says Brown.

“There is a desire for something different and really looking at what works for academics and families today is different than it was 50-100 years ago. So I really think I think online is the next wave of doing things differently to adapt and be responsive to society, â€said Principal Hague.

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