KVH partners with the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) to serve Greek seafarers with native content via KVH Link

KVH announces an enhanced content service focused on a large segment of the commercial maritime crew population: Greek seafarers. Through a collaboration with the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT), KVH now offers personalized Greek-focused content to provide connections at home and improve the well-being of these sailors.

Content to seafarers is delivered via KVH Link, an innovative service providing an exciting and entertaining experience for crew on laptops, personal devices and televisions on board their vessels. News, movies, music, radio and more are offered in an array of languages, and selections are often refreshed to offer the most engaging crew content.

Programming under KVH’s new collaboration with ERT includes both video and audio content available to sailors directly on vessels benefiting from KVH Link. Video content includes an hour-long news bulletin broadcast daily, updating Greek sailors on what is happening in Greece and around the world. In addition, ERT offers programming from its “Voice of Greece” radio station with broadcasts including news and current affairs, culture, music, sports and features from prominent personalities living in Greece and the stranger.

“Thanks to this cooperation with KVH, we are now able to provide information to our audience at sea anywhere in the world,” says Kostas Machairas, director of ERT’s Greeks Abroad department. “We are particularly pleased to offer our radio program ‘Good Winds and Next Seas’ covering topics such as life at sea, stories and testimonials, and live connections to Greek ships. Shipping is so entrenched in the country’s DNA that it is difficult to find a family that does not have members currently at sea or who have worked on a ship in some capacity at some point in their lives.

KVH link screen

“Maritime industry organizations around the world recognize the importance of crew well-being, ties to home country and the ability to keep abreast of current affairs ashore,” says Mark Woodhead , executive vice president of sales and marketing for KVH. “KVH is proud to partner with ERT to bring this significant benefit to Greek seafarers on vessels benefiting from our KVH Link service. Greece has one of the longest and richest maritime histories of any country, and Greek seafarers are an essential component of commercial crews around the world. We are grateful for the opportunity to meet their needs.

KVH offers its KVH Link service with content for seafarers via its award-winning TracPhone® VSAT systems and TracNet™ hybrid terminals. These rugged, commercial-grade antennas offer fast connections, fully integrated below-deck equipment, support for IoT applications, and integrated, secure network and data management. KVH Link is delivered to ships by KVH’s patented IP-MobileCast™ content delivery technology without slowing down onboard internet speeds or using data that is part of the ship’s monthly plan.
Source: KVH

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