How to promote an application on social networks?

Every product and service must have a decent promotional campaign, otherwise the money spent on its creation will not pay off. We would say the best platform to do this is Instagram because it can help people tremendously with build their career and promote the stuff they’ve been working on – any product or service that needs online support and can be sold online. An application is exactly such a thing: mobile technologies should not only be presented on application markets, but also disseminated on social networks, so that people learn about them and want to install them because someone else (preferably someone popular) has already done it. In this text, we will tell you about several very useful tools that will allow you to make your product known as quickly as possible.

First of all, you have to realize that people like something the most if it has already been liked by someone (as we noticed, popular preference) and if they get special bonuses for it. buy (download it, in our case) from a certain resource. Most applications are paid today, and if yours is also paid, we recommend that you create a system of discounts and bonuses that would encourage people to try the free version and then download the paid version. This option is available if you promote your app through blogger pages (it is very effective, because bloggers can create native ads, where they will make sure people use the app, because they promote it liked a lot) – give promotional codes that would offer the audience of these bloggers the opportunity to buy a paid version of the application with a nice (but small) discount. Or this promotional code could give them a free version for an extended period. You can offer anything you find practical in your own way, you understand what we mean here.

Now let’s talk about other methods that don’t include working directly with other people: your app should definitely have its own page on Instagram. And while you’re working on this page, you should buy followers on instagram and a few other promotional features to give it the first push. You should get the stuff right here – the app page won’t be the main resource talking about it; but when people click on the link that bloggers give them (read the previous paragraph and the method we talked about), they will get to the app page itself. And if there are no subscribers and likes, it will not look so good and suspicious enough. Why don’t people like it, if it’s as good as the blogger said it is? To neutralize this, you can buy real instagram followers and create a vision of a successful page that many people care about. It will be very useful and it will save you from uncomfortable situations and answer difficult questions.

However, you need to understand that you don’t need to buy thousands and millions of subscribers and likes. Several hundred subs and a few thumbs up on posts would be quite enough to assure people that you did a good job developing an app and that it is even worth their time and money. The main focus should be on the native ads that bloggers will provide you – this is where you should not try to save money, time and effort, this is what the success of your application. However, when purchasing paid services, you must remember that you only need real followers (fake ones can also harm your page stats and reputation) and these cannot be totally free. Companies may offer free trials of their services, but today this is a great rarity and they most often offer a package that includes 10-50 subscribers and costs less than a dollar.

Bottom line: Don’t hesitate to use paid promotional services and work with bloggers to get your app noticed. It should not only be displayed on an app market, but also on social media, so people know how to use it and what it is actually for. Don’t try to save money on the promotion and think about all several steps ahead.

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