‘Fresh’ starring Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar Jones has social media wanting more

This weekend, fans were treated to a surprise with the new horror movie Costs with Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar-Jones. The movie premiered on Hulu on Friday, and a lot of people weren’t ready for the big twists. So far, online commentators seem to want more from screenwriter Lauryn Kahn, director Mimi Cave, the ensemble cast, and this horror niche in general.

Fair warning: there are spoilers for Costs before. The new stars Edgar-Jones as Noa, a young woman discouraged by the dating scene. After showing how badly online dating goes for her at first, the film focuses on her new romance with a man named Steve (Stan). After a few dates, Noa ignores her defensive instincts and agrees to go on a trip with Steve, only to find that he is more violent and twisted than any of the men she had tried to date before.

The film takes a running form of cruelty to a hyper-literal level in much the same way as other recent horror movies like get out did, and the effect was surprising to many viewers this weekend. Some walked in not knowing what to expect, and were completely taken aback. Others urged friends and family to watch the film, believing its message to be timely and important.

Costs is streaming now on Hulu, and at this time there are no plans for a follow-up. However, if you read fan tweets ahead of time, you’ll see that many are looking forward to Kahn and Cave’s next collaboration.

“Prequel, sequel, whatever”

Fans wanted to see a spin-off taking the concepts into Costs further, and many weren’t picky about where it might lead.

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Others were more invested in the specific story that started with this film. They wanted to see characters like Noa continue their lives, and maybe see them tackle the industry they had stumbled upon.

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Some viewers immediately knew that Costs would stay with them for days, weeks or even longer. They weren’t prepared for the impact this movie had on their psyche.

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Some fans pitched their ideas for a sequel to this movie, showing how many different ways it could play out.

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Many viewers marveled at all the incredible talent that came together for this film, both behind the camera and in front. They wanted to see a team like this come together again.

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Progress of Sebastian Stan

Finally, fans have noted that Sebastian Stan’s characters have grown increasingly mean and outlandish in his last two films. They wondered how he could possibly surpass him in his next release.


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