FINAL (With training board): Oklahoma 16



The Oklahoma Sooners hit a 3-0 record to start the season, but it didn’t come so easily. As the Crimson and Cream faced unexpected hardships in the no-con, a chance for redemption presents itself at home as the Big 12 opens. Lincoln Riley and his team welcome the West Virginia Mountaineers to Norman, a valuable opportunity to build momentum.

“I can’t wait to start our conference trip here with a great team from West Virginia to start,†said Riley. “Obviously they’re playing at a high level. Neal brown did a great job there. He has a great staff, a lot of guys that we know very well and that we met at different times. And they’re clearly doing a great job … Obviously that’s the only game we missed last year as far as the conference is concerned. It will be nice to have a chance to compete with these guys. They play at a very high level, obviously had a huge win last weekend against a very good team from Virginia Tech. So it’s a complete football team that comes here, an experienced quarterback, a good running game and one of the best defenses in the country. “

Kick-off is set for 6.30pm CT with an expected temperature of around 86 degrees. The game will be played on Owen Field at Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, with a capacity of 86,112. This will be the first game without crowd limitation, as fans unable to join the crowd in person can however watch on ABC. ABC’s national broadcast team consists of Chris Fowler in play-by-play, Kirk Herbstreit as analyst and Holly Rowe as secondary reporter. As for the radio call to 107.7 The KRXO-FM Franchise, the voice of the Sooners Toby Rowland will bring it to you with Teddy Lehman as an analyst, Gabe Ikard as a secondary analyst and Chris Plank as a secondary reporter. Oklahoma, as mentioned earlier, is 3-0 as West Virginia enters the game 2-1 after a home win over rival Virginia Tech.

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If you are looking for another way to follow the game remotely or if you are unable to access the broadcasts, look no further. OUInsider is here with real time updates, scores, big games, and a full four quarter game graph. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and refresh this page during the game. game. So enjoy the following live updates here on OUInsider:


3:00 PM West Virginia Departure – A long, steady road leads West Virginia into the end zone. Garrett Greene takes it for six, the extra point is added. The Mountaineers quickly take the lead.

West Virginia 7 – Oklahoma 0

5:46 Oklahoma drive start – Eric Gray picks up the first play of possession, only worth one yard. After a few plays, Eric Gray catches a pass and flies off for a whopping 38-yard fourth pickup. After a while, Spencer Rattler hits Austin Stogner for a touchdown. The extra point is good.

Oklahoma 7 – West Virginia 7

2:46 am: Practice begins in West Virginia – The Mountaineers generate some positive plays, but after a while the Sooners blow up a screen play for a key loss. This sends him to the second trimester.



3:00 p.m. West Virginia training resumes – Delarrin Turner-Yell falls with an interception. The buyout of Sooners.

2:53 PM Oklahoma practice begins – Spencer Rattler hits Mario Williams for a first pickup down in the first game of practice. After a few games, however, the Sooners face a fourth down. Oklahoma chooses to push it back.

1:03 PM Start of Practice in West Virginia – Leddie Brown rushes for three yards, then Bryce Ford-Wheaton registers a 14-yard reception. Eventually West Virginia is forced to kick.

10:28 AM Oklahoma drive start- Kennedy Brooks performs a two-yard run. Then Rattler is pushed out of bounds for a loss. Ultimately, with excellent coverage from WVU, the Sooners couldn’t generate anything in the third down. The Sooners punt.

8:30 am: Start of training in West Virginia – An incomplete pass from Garrett Greene kicks off training. After a while, Jarret Doege returns to the game but the player fails to generate much more. West Virginia punts.

7:23 Oklahoma drive start – Spencer Rattler completes a pass to Drake Stoops for two yards. Mario Williams records a first landing ashore. Then, Kenned Brooks picks up a few yards on a carry. Spencer Rattler forces a bullet at Stoops which is knocked down and intercepted by WVU.

INTERCEPTION from West Virginia

5:55 Leaving West Virginia – After the Mountaineers take over, there’s not much they can do. Oklahoma is taking over.

3:27 Oklahoma drive start – The Sooners go three-and-out. A punt is forced.

2:16 West Virginia leaves – The Mountaineers convert on a fourth attempt with a quarterback. Right after, WVU hurries up and hits a big play on the sideline for 28 yards. Jarret Doege rushes the attack again but has to throw the ball out of bounds. Eventually West Virginia hits a basket.

West Virginia 10 – Oklahoma 7



2:55 PM Oklahoma drive start- The first play of the drive is an action play pass that is immediately interrupted by West Virginia. Spencer Rattler then hits Mike Woods for a big pickup. Rattler goes to Woods again for a first try on a screen. Eric Gray runs for about eight meters. Rattler heads to Jeremiah Hall for a first down and more to prepare for the first and the goal. Gray takes a transport for a pickup of about a yard. The Sooners drive pits near the end zone and a basket is kicked

West Virginia 10 – Oklahoma 10

11:20 am: Start of training in West Virginia – Mountaineers descend the field. However, the Oklahoma defense is able to hold up following a false start on WVU. Mountaineers hit a basket.

West Virginia 13 – Oklahoma 10

5:15 Start training in Oklahoma – Spencer Rattler is fired to start training. Rattler later finds Mike Woods for a first try. After a few incomplete passes on the field, Mario Williams catches a pass below and picks up nine yards. But, this leads to a fourth down situation and Kennedy Brooks is drunk.

Oklahoma ARRESTED on the fourth down

3:19 Start of training in West Virginia – Jarret Doege is nearly sacked, but is called up for an intentional grounding. After a few games, Oklahoma holds a third and a seven. The Highlanders pushed him back.

2:03 Oklahoma drive start – The Sooners shift the ball a bit, eventually sending it in the fourth quarter.

END OF THIRD QUARTER: West Virginia 13 – Oklahoma 10


3:00 p.m. Oklahoma practice resumes – Oklahoma is shifting the chains a bit. But, later, a detention penalty takes the Sooners too far. Oklahoma hits a basket.

West Virginia 13 – Oklahoma 13

8:52 am Start of training in West Virginia – The Mountaineers create a movement but end up pushing it back.

Oklahoma Drive Start – The Sooners start moving down the field, including a capture from Drake Stoops that puts the Sooners in the field goal range. After a while, the Sooners send Gabe Brkic onto the field and he sends the winning basket through the posts.

FINAL: Oklahoma 16 – West Virginia 13


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