Fiba approves LED glass courts for elite tournaments

  • Fiba approves glass floors from October 2022
  • Currently two surfaces can be used in elite competitions

The International Basketball Federation (Fiba) has changed its rules so that elite-level tournaments can use LED glass courts, paving the way for new broadcast experiences and sponsorship activations.

Previously, “Tier 1” competitions such as the Fiba Basketball World Cup had to use wooden flooring for safety reasons and to protect the integrity of the competition. However, the governing body is now confident that advances in glass floor technology now meet the standards expected at its most prestigious competitions.

Fiba currently approves two types of glass floor, both made by the German manufacturer ASB.

The ASB MultiSports features underfloor LED scoring lines, while the ASB LumiFlex floor is a full video floor that allows for interactive training applications and enhanced staging with additional options for advertising.

The flooring also adds the ability to add player tracking, showcasing achievements and stats that enhance the viewer experience both in the arena and while streaming.

ASB promises that its flooring has the highest level of shock absorption and elasticity to ease the load on players’ joints and provide the rebound value that sports like basketball demand.

Its floors have been installed in several venues in Germany, including the BallsportArena Dresden, which hosted the Harlem Globetrotters in 2017. The technology was also used during the 3×3 basketball competition at the 2021 Ruhr Games in Bochum , after which Fiba conducted player surveys. to inform his decision.

Now the surface can be used in any number of competitions from October 1, 2022.

“We see Fiba as the global organization for the advancement of basketball,” said ASB chief executive Christof Babinsky. “For this, we have a common vision. We have developed an uncompromising sports floor with the athlete in mind first. The GlassFloor features ceramic dots for grip, which provide completely equal levels of control across the entire surface without causing skin burn on the fall as well as greater elasticity at an even ball bounce.

“Fiba Tier One is the most valuable endorsement in the world of indoor sports and enables our customers to run high-end basketball tournaments, incorporating never-before-seen elements for audience entertainment and publicity. “

SportsPro says:

The ability to view real-time stats and graphs in the field will go a long way to bridging the gap between on-site and home experience.

These dynamic graphics will add another layer of visual spectacle and provide fans seated in the arena with the same level of data and information they would receive via a television broadcast, enhancing their understanding of what they are seeing in front of them. Meanwhile, in-app advertising will provide organizers with more inventory and value to offer partners and broadcasters and enable more innovative activations.

Finally, the multi-sport arenas will be able to have the same surface for different events, transforming the operating economy. Since markings for different sports can be changed instantly, sites will gain a greater ability to switch seamlessly between basketball, handball, volleyball, and badminton configurations with less effort. resources.

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