How to apply for a payday loan online

Some years ago, to apply for a payday loan you had to go to a physical bank, or at least make a phone call.

Today everything is easier thanks to the Internet. With your computer or cell phone you can make both the comparison of offers and the request for credit.

We teach you how to do it, step by step.

Save time applying for the loan online

Save time applying for the loan online

Most people use Google to search for different options on how to apply for payday loans. When you find what you want, apply online, call or go directly to the lender.

If we want to go further and save more time, we must start using chatbots like Mike.

Instead of spending time browsing a multitude of pages to find payday loan information, you can now know what you need from lenders directly from your cell phone.

Mike will not only show you different credit offers, but they will be filtered and adjusted to your profile and thus increase the chances of being approved.

Request loan online

Request loan online

You just have to follow these steps:

  • First step:
    Enter this link. Facebook Messenger will open.
  • Second step:
    Start chatting with Mike and answer all his questions. Remember that Mike uses the information he asks only to find you the best deals!
  • Third step:
    Once you answer all the questions, Mike will give you some loan options. Press the “more information” button and enter the website of the lender.
  • Fourth step:
    Before making a request, here you will have to read carefully the terms and conditions of each lender. Consider the requirements that you must meet.
  • Last step:
    Finally, it is time to request the loan offer you have chosen. This is done with the lender’s form (“Request your loan” button).

The waiting time for an answer to your loan application depends on each lender. If it has been a month since your request and you have no news, it is advisable to try again in another entity.

It is always convenient to be very careful with your credit history. With a positive track record you will have more opportunities to get the loan you need!

You can also read our tips if your loan was denied so you know what to change in your next application.

Remember that although Mike’s wish is that you get the loan you have requested, Mike has no control over the final decision of the lender.

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